Clay Squared to Infinity Shipping Policy

1.                   Delivery:

a.  Samples typically ship within 3-4 business days.

b.  Handmade custom tiles are made-to-order, 100% for out-of-state orders. Require a minimum of 50% for local orders. The remaining money owed is due at pickup. The typical order takes 4-6 weeks to complete and deliver.

c. Historic reproduction orders (Flat Edge, Mid Century, Seneca, Tile Restoration, etc.) typically take  6-12 weeks to complete and deliver. Mid-Century tiles lead time as of 8/25/22 is 18-20 weeks.  Reproduction tile orders require full payment at the time of ordering if tiles are to be dropped or shipped to the customer. Exceptions can apply please contact us for more information

d. Estimated delivery dates cannot be guaranteed.

e. Tiles broken during shipping will be replaced.